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Artesia Public Schools is pleased to offer our employees a wide variety of benefits to suit your needs. The information found within this web site is designed to assist you in making important decisions regarding your benefits and provide you with important contact information.

BIS has been chosen by Artesia Public Schools to implement our Cafeteria Plan as established by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. Participation in the plan is voluntary.

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Flexible Spending Accounts
(Unreimbursed Medical / Dependent Care)

  • Section 125 of the IRS Code provides participants the option to shelter up to a specified amount of money each plan year to cover your out of pocket cost for medical, dental, vision and prescription expenses and dependent/elder care cost incurred by you and your family that are not covered by your insurance programs.
  • The money sheltered is deducted from your paycheck before taxes are calculated. This means that you do not pay taxes on this money as it comes out of your check and your W2 reportable income is reduced by that amount.
  • When you incur any of these costs, you may use the Debit Card issued by NBS or you may submit a personalized voucher, copies of your bills that give the date, the name of the service provider, the reason you incurred a cost (i.e. co‐pay, deductible) and the amount you are responsible for paying. Normally your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) mailed to you from your medical insurance company provides all this information. Once expenses are approved you’ll be reimbursed for the submitted amount by check or automatic deposit in your checking account. Checks are cut daily; however you can request reimbursement of your funds weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • You can file claims and check the status of your accounts on‐line, as well as download and print necessary forms

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Hospital Indemnity

Policy Benefit Highlights
In-Hospital Benefit:

Pays a flat benefit up to 4 times per year (based on benefit elected) when a Covered Person is confined in a Hospital as an Inpatient for at least 18 continuous hours .

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description
Change Request Form
Claim Form

Claim Instructions

  • Complete the Statement of Insured (Sections A through B) as applicable to your claim
  • Completing Section D is not required; however, completing this section will reduce delays in processing should we need to request additional information regarding your claim
  • An itemized bill with diagnosis from the provider must accompany the completed Statement of Insured
  • Your signature is required for benefit consideration

3 ways to submit claim forms and additional documentation


  • Register or log in to APL’s Online Service Center
  • Go to My Claims, click “Start Now” and follow the three easy steps to upload your claim

Fax: 877-365-9423

American Public Life Insurance Company
Attention: Claims Department
P.O. Box 248950
Oklahoma City, OK 73124-8950

Critical Illness

► Plan Features
• Pays regardless of other coverage
• Portable (take it with You)

• Heart Attack and Stroke
• Coronary Bypass Surgery
• Major Organ Transplant
• Cancer
• End Stage Renal Failure
• Alzheimer’s Dementia
• Diabetes

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description

Critical Illness Claim Form

Wellness Claim Form

Portability Request

Aflac Cancer

For more than 65 years, Aflac has been a pioneer in cancer insurance. As cancer treatment protocols have changed, our coverage has evolved to help cover the costs of those innovative treatments and provide solutions that enable your employees to seek treatment without the financial concerns that often accompany it.
COVERAGE WHEN IT COUNTS. Cancer can pack a serious financial punch, with costs that major medical insurance may not cover. Aflac’s Cancer Protection Assurance provides financial support before, during and after cancer.
PROACTIVE SUPPORT. We pay a benefit for early detection and preventative care. Why? Because when cancer is detected and treated early, patients are more likely to beat it.5
SUSTAINED COVERAGE. If diagnosed with cancer, we offer benefits that can be counted on to help support your employees throughout the duration of their treatment. But our support doesn’t stop there.
COVERAGE FOR INNOVATIVE CARE. Every person and treatment plan is different, so we offer benefits for innovative procedures as well as traditional treatments.
LIFELONG SUPPORT. Recuperation from cancer treatments can extend years after treatment. Our annual care benefit can help cover financial, physical and emotional needs even after treatment has ended.
For more information on Cancer coverage, please contact your local Benefits Advisor,
or visit

Benefit Information

Cancer Plan Option 1

Cancer Plan Option 2

Cancer Plan Option 3

Plan Information

Educator Disability / Income Protection

  • Program is designed to replace your income in the event of a non‐occupational accident or illness that prevents you from working.
  • Benefits are not taxed.
  • Pays in addition to your sick leave and benefits are paid seven days per week, twelve months of the year
  • Maternity is covered as any other illness.
  • You have the option of four waiting periods before benefits begin giving you the option to choose when your benefits will start
  • Benefits are to social security retirement age for an accident and up to three years for disabilities due to an illness.

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Educator Disability

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description
Disability Claim Telephone Instructions

Privacy Statement

Certificates of Coverage


  • Eye Exams and Contacts every 12 months. Corrective Lenses every 12 Months. Frames every 24 months
  • Out‐of‐Network Reimbursement Benefits available.

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Vision Service Plans (VSP)


 Accident Insurance provides features that include:

Portability through Continued Insurance with Premium Payment which gives employees the ability to keep their existing coverage when their employment status with the employer changes.

No coordination with other insurance benefits

Employees are paid a lump-sum benefit that they can use as they feel necessary

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description
How to File a Claim
MetLife MyBenefit Registration

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On Demand Presentations:


How to File an Accident & Health Claim

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Permanent Life Insurance can be an ideal compliment to term life insurance your employer might provide. Designed to be in force when you die, this voluntary coverage is yours to keep, even when you change jobs or retire, so long as you continue to pay the necessary premiums.
  • With one of the highest death benefits available at the worksite, PureLife gives your loved ones peace of mind knowing there will be significant life insurance in force if you die prematurely
  • Enjoy the assurance of a policy that has a guaranteed death benefit to age 121 and level premiums that guarantees coverage for a significant period of time.

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description
Change Forms Link

Term Life Insurance

  • Employees can elect from $20,000 up to $500,000, not to exceed 5 times your annual salary with Guarantee Issue up to $200,000 for new employees.
  • Spouses are eligible for $10,000 up to $250,000, not to exceed 100% of employee election with Guarantee Issue up to $50,000 for new employees.
  • Unmarried Dependent Children up to Age 26 can elect $5,000 or $10,000 in coverage with Guarantee Issue up to $10,000 for new employees.

Benefit Information Video

Voluntary Term Life

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description

Privacy Statement

File a Claim

Online Claim

Certificate of Coverage

403(b) Retirement Plans

  • Contributions are deposited tax deferred, and also reduce your reportable income.
  • All earnings on accounts are also tax deferred. You pay taxes only on the amount withdrawn during a calendar year.
  • You can start taking distributions at age 59‐1/2 even if you are still working.
  • Multiple investment choices are available, including managed accounts, mutual funds and fixed interest accounts.
  • Dollars can be transferred to state retirement to purchase past service credit.
  • Additional Tax Credits available for wage earners of $50,000 or less to encourage putting additional money aside for retirement.

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description
NBS Link (TPA)

Grandfathered Cancer

****** This Plan is a grandfathered plan and no longer available for new enrollment******

  • Individual and family benefits are available.
  • Pays cash benefits directly to you in addition to your health insurance. Plan also pays lump sum cash benefit at time of diagnosis. Benefits should not be assigned to a doctor or hospital.
  • Covers many of the expenses not covered by your health insurance. American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures for 2006, indicate direct medical cost represents approximately 35% of the cost of cancer treatment.
  • Plan can include an Intensive Care Rider that pays in addition to your health insurance for you and/or your family to offset the high cost of intensive care services i.e. heart attack, automobile accident, etc.
  • You can maintain your policy at the same rate should you leave the school district.

Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description
Previous Cancer/Specified Disease/Heart History
Humana Wellness Claim Form
Humana Cancer Claim Form
Bay Bridge Bank Draft Authorization
Service & Change Request