Supplemental Cancer

• Individual and family benefits are available.
• Pays cash benefits directly to you in addition to your health insurance. Plan also pays lump sum cash benefit at time of diagnosis.
Benefits should not be assigned to a doctor or hospital.
• Covers many of the expenses not covered by your health insurance. American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures for 2006, indicate direct medical cost represents approximately 35% of the cost of cancer treatment.
• Plan can include an Intensive Care Rider that pays in addition to your health insurance for you and/or your family to offset the high cost of intensive care services i.e. heart attack, automobile accident, etc.
• You can maintain your policy at the same rate should you leave the school district.


Benefits & Forms

Benefit Description


     Previous Cancer/Specified Disease/Heart History


Humana Wellness Claim Form


Humana Cancer Claim Form


Bay Bridge Bank Draft Authorization


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